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8 West Wing stories
3 Stargate Atlantis stories
5 Babylon 5 stories
4 Sports Night stories
6 Farscape stories
5 M*A*S*H drabbles
9 X-Files stories
2 Star Trek stories (several more need to be moved from my old website!)
4 NCIS stories
6 Slings & Arrows stories
3 Love & Rockets ficlets
6 Doctor Who/Torchwood stories
and then there's misc, which has Scrubs and Band of Brothers and H:LotS and some other things maybe, tag cloud's just to yer left, there.

I also recommend cross-navigating using the tags on the entries too, because sometimes you just want a threesome, that's kind of sad, and vaguely gay, and under 1000 words, in the Doctor Whoverse. In which case, feel free to move along, because I haven't actually written that specific story. Yet.
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fic: Something is Wrong [X-Files, M/S UST, 4495 words]

title: Something is Wrong
author: Sabine // iamsab
fandom: The X-Files
pairings: Mulder/Scully UST
rating: PG
length: 4495 words
spoilers: what we used to label A-for-angst back on atxc, lots of life-or-death overdramatization in pure X-Files fashion.
acknowledgments: this may actually have been beta'd by someone, but I don't ascribe them any of the blame
Important Note: Another one from the wayback machine; old-school emo X-Files fic from my first days in the fandom. Presented intact and unedited for archival purposes and your potential diversion.

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fic: Rain, and the Mistaken Messiah [X-Files, MSR, 10k words, rated Rish]

title: Rain, and the Mistaken Messiah
author: Sabine // iamsab
fandom: The X-Files
pairings: Mulder/Scully
rating: oh, god, I don't know: R?
length: 10,604 words
spoilers: old-school emo MSR, set just after the Diana Fowley arc when Mulder totally dumped Scully and didn't listen to her when she was trying to save the world, and then saved it himself in an obnoxiously heroic Mulder-like fashion
acknowledgments: written un-beta'd and before I entered fandom proper, but shortly thereafter and in a life-changing turn of events, I met my best and only runpunkrun
Important Note: This was the very first piece of X-Files fanfiction I ever wrote, back in 1998. I was drunk with Chris Carterian wordy narrative and the purplest prose you've ever seen. But for posterity, I think it belongs here in the Sab collection. Presented intact and unedited.

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The Quality of Mercy [kink-bingo #2: biting/bruising]

title: The Quality of Mercy
author: Sabine // iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: nc-17
length: 3761 words
acknowledgements: praise be to Punk, who helped figure the whole damned thing out and even let me get away with hair-pulling.
summary: The Merchant of Venice

Written for kink_bingo, row five, column two: biting/bruising

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geoffrey tennant's hamlet

fic: Fever Dreams [Slings & Arrows, Geoffrey/Ellen/Oliver, ~1000 words]

title: Fever Dreams
author: Sabine
category: Slings & Arrows, Geoffrey/Ellen/Oliver
size: 1000 words
spoilers: none, or general, whatever. They won't bite.
notes: Hail, hail, [info]corinna_5, for being able to identify what was missing from the last draft on the very first try. The next one's going to have a real threesome in it, I promise.

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